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Club Results

Tuesday Vets 25/01/11
Stableford Visiting Club - Gympie Winner N Freemantle 41
Runner-up I Iszlaub 39 S/stakes to 32 A Phillips L Blake 38
B Sharp K Wegener B Lee G Gallagher (Gym) N Hearn 37
B Stallard (Gym) 36 B Swan (Gym) K List 35 C Smith L Parshall (Gym)
K Riley K Wills W J Bennett K Johnston (Gym) 34 R Carr P Bray
P Pyke (Gym) K Whelan I Horley (Gym) 33 L Muir B Carroll 32
Pinshots No 3 P Pike No 7 B Sharp No 11 T Bellingham No 17 D Groundwater
Pro's Pinshot No 9 K Slade 1.58 N Freemantle B Sharp B Stallard
P McCulloch K Whelan K Johnston B Walker H Oliver L Muir 7.33
Ladies Winner G Wills 36 Runner-up S Sugita 32

Wednesday 26/01/11
Medley Stableford Winner A Grade R Seeney 40
Runner-up Jeff Milburn 39 Winner B Grade N Freemantle 40
Runner-up I Elliott 39 S/stakes to 34 c/b C Coulch C Harth S Barry 39
W Ballard R Denelzen L Flemming 38 N Scriven S Stagoll K Heitmann
K Murtagh D Bowes M Smail T Van Lathum 37 R McKinnon
P Smith R Walker C Backer 36 N Smith M Davies R Anderson
R Carr K Monteith Robyn Pearson 35 Ray Pearson L Armstrong 34 c/b
Pinshots no 7 T Van Lathum No 11 L Moores
Pro's Pinshot No 9 M Dempsey 1.19 R Seeney P Smith I Harth
H Smith R Pearson G Smail R Cross J Miller R McKinnon R Carr 4.86

Friday 28/01/11
Single Stableford 18 hole Winner N Freemantle 43
Runner-up W Ballard 42 3rd place K Wegener 41 S/stakes to 38 A McCleery
N Plumb R Drew B Walker C McBride B Lee R Blackman
Tom Bellingham A Geen G Warne
9 hole Winner G Warne 23 Runner-up A Hill 22 c/b
S/stakes to 19 W Ballard N Plumb R Drew N Freemantle B Walker
C McBride B Lee K Wegener R Blackman K Sugita K Smith M Van Wamelan
A Ross N Coulter K Thompson B Dioth A Gees Kim McKenna
T Steffen C Morgan F Burkett J Boyce R Sherrington
Pinshot No 7 R Blackman - Meat Voucher sponsored by Heritage City Meats
Pro's Pinshot No 9 Tony Bellingham 0.60 K Wegener
T Mackay R Anderson C Smith R Bowden B Lee S Armstrong 3.24

Friday Night Jackpot - next week $540

Saturday 29/01/11
Stableford Winner A Grade R McKinnon 35 c/b
Runner-up B Dioth 35 Winner B Grade M Cekulis 40
Runner-up Kim McKenna 39 Winner C Grade N Freemantle 41
Runner-up S Barry 40 S/stakes to 33 G Dahlke 39 L Flemming 38
T Swindells 37 J Vale P Tucker 36 C Zemek M Smail J Thompson
L Armstrong R Sherrington 35 R Muston M Bell S A Smith I Gott
K Monteith R Sommerfeld 34 R Griffen D Smith I Rowley P Sommerfeld 33
Pinshots No 3 M Freemantle No 7 J McKee No 11 K Jones No 17 R McLachlan
Pro's Pinshots No 9 K Sleep 0.95 I Rowley B Watts R Dempster
G Dahlke D Raymond 3.10 No 13 P Bray 1.77
P Baker P Sommerfeld K Sleep S Cameron 5.84

Sunday 30/01/11
Medley Stableford Winner C Coulch 39 Runner-up D Burrows 38 c/b
S/stakes to 35 G Hogan 38 S Shirley 37 C Chappell
K List A Coulch 36 J Kunst C Backer 35
Pinshots No 7 R Seeney No 11 D Smith
Pro's Pinshot No 9 M Cekulis 1.24 N Smith
C Coulch R Seeney C Backer 4.26

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